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LPG Solutions

Our LPG energy solutions offer a range of varied cooking energy solutions to enable people have the ease and ability of cooking successfully with or without electricity

Inverter Solutions

We offer a range of backup power solutions that enable people to use a select range of their electrical devices for an extended period of time after a power failure.

Geyser Solutions

People are able to have access to hot water regardless of a power outage.  It offers people access to free water that they never have to pay for again.

Education Support

We offer tailored training on safety and usage for both home and industrial use of our products. Periodically we also release new information for our clients.

More Services

Installation Service

Installation Service

Before, during and after a clients switch to any of our alternative energy solutions, we provide support with the placement and fittings of all equipment

Door to Door Deliveries

Door to Door Deliveries

We offer a delivery service right to your doorstep all around Lilongwe & Blantyre (Mondays-Saturdays) and Salima (every Thursday)

Maintenance Service


We provide services in ensuring the maintenance of all gas and inverter equipment back into good working order