Safety Tips

Safety First

How to use the cooker and the gas cylinder

• Everything starts and ends at the cylinder. Before you cook it is
essential that you start by making sure the cylinder valve is open and
when finished it is important to ensure the valve is then shut on the
• Turn the valve at the cylinder only twice, anymore will not make the
food cook faster, it will only use more gas.
• When using the cooker, once you twist the knob and hear the clicking
sound, be aware that it starts on max and can then be adjusted to lower
the heat.
• When attempting to light the cooker, we say fire first then gas.
Meaning before you twist the knob to turn on the knob, make sure either
your match or your lighter is already lit and is hovering over the
plate you intend to light.

Important instructions and warning for safety

• Gas cookers should not be used by children aged 8 and under. Persons
with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of
experience and of knowledge of the cooker should not be left
unsupervised with the cooker.
• Children should not play with the cooker. Cleaning and user maintenance
shall not be made by children without supervision.
• Never place the cooker on a carpet covered floor otherwise lack of
airflow beneath the cooker will cause electrical part to overheat and
this will cause problems with your cooker.
• Installation and repairs should be made by us, we shall not be held
accountable for damage arising from procedures carried out by
unauthorized persons which also voids the warranty.
• Do not operate if the cooker has visible damage or is defective.
• Remember, a blue flame is good but in case of seeing a yellow flame,
turn of everything close the cylinder valve and contact us immediately.
• Ensure you have ventilation in the room you are cooking in, not
directly next to the cooker but an open door or cracked window is key
for ventilation and airflow


• Do not use an open flame or do not smoke.
• Do not operate and electrical buttons such as door bells or lamps or
use mobile phones and they may put you at risk of an explosion.
• Open doors and windows.
• Turn off all valves on gas appliances and gas meter at the main control
• Check all tubes and connections for tightening. If you still smell gas
leave the property, warn the next door neighbours and call the fire


• Product may get hot during use, young children should be kept away.
• Packing materials may be dangerous for children and should be kept away
from children.
• Do not allow children to play with the product especially in use, and do
not place any items above the product that children may reach

How Do I maximize my Gas?

• Gas heats up very quickly, within 40 to 50 seconds your oil is already
hot and ready to be cooked, because of that it is advised that you
have your food already prepared and ready to use.
• Be present when cooking, gas cooks much faster than electricity,
therefore your food will cook much faster.
• Keep your gas on for as short of a time as possible as well, gas is an
alternative solution to electricity so there is no need to keep it on
for long periods of time if you want the gas to last