Terms and Conditions

1.Payment for work done and equipment sold and delivered is due on the day. Terms are strictly COD (CASH ON DELIVERY). All appliances, bottle, cages and LPG to be paid for in full before delivery to site. The client agrees that upon the work being started he/she has either in writing or any other form of written communication (ie. SMS, WhatsApp, social media, verbal or other) instructed 265 Energy to carry out this work and binds himself to payment of the invoice. Compliance will be issued on payment of said invoice.

2. The invoice constitutes prima facie proof that the work done has been executed in accordance with LPG Safety Standards and that the equipment listed therein are in good working order and condition. 265 Energy guarantees that all work will be carried out to the standards set out by the LPG Safety Standards. The warranties in respect of any equipment installed are limited to the relevant manufacturers’ warranties.

3. All equipment sold to the client remains the property of 265 Energy until receipt of payment to 265 Energy. If payment is not made hereof, 265 Energy is entitled to remove all the said equipment. The client agrees that the client shall be liable for all recovery costs and expenses, including legal cost incurred for the recovery of any money and equipment owed by the client to 265 Energy.

4. 265 Energy  will not be liable for any consequential damage in respect of work done during the installation. All painting and patchwork from drilling or chasing, lifting of paving and any other necessary actions to complete the installation, is for the responsibility of the client unless agreed otherwise before work commences. The gas works will do their utmost to limit any problems to the bear minimum. Any unforeseen materials not quoted for but necessary to complete and make the installation compliant will be added to the invoice.

5. All inspection fees and repair costs are payable in advance or in cash on the day of the inspection.

6. On acceptance of any quote from 265 Energy, I the client accept the above terms and conditions. On completion of installation or delivery of goods, I the client do bind myself responsible & indebted to 265 Energy for the amount quoted and on the invoice.